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First Impressions

You know what they say about making that lasting "First Impression". When I made the one and only military jacket five years ago I never envisioned creating a company around it.... "the jacket". It was something I designed for myself just for fun. However, it seemed that every time I wore it strangers would approach me and ask "where could I find it?". Fast forward to last year and I decided that since so many seemed interested there must be a market. So I began to research fabrics and rally my decorative finishes team - I've had a decorative finishes business as part of my interior design business for over 25 years - see "" )

The official "Launch" of the Shirley Robinson Collection jacket - appropriately named "The Rock Star Collection" will be in the winter of 2019. Rock ON!

Special thanks to all of those that helped me get this going. It takes a Village to follow ones passion and highlight so many talented artisans that I have had the pleasure to work with over the years.

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